Friday, August 8, 2008

Long time, no blog

i have been busy/lazy and havent updated for a while, but heres what i've been up to instead. I finally took a long awaited trip to Vancouver BC for 4 days. It is similar to seattle but slight differences. i met some really nice people at the hostel i was staying at and went to much of the sights including stanley park, the museum of anthropology and the art museum. On Sunday i signed up to see the anthropology museum at the BC campus and was the only one who ended up going but my guide Kangri was a Vancouver local and she showed me around and we had very pleasant time and went out to thai food afer. I also went to some restaurants and just walked around taking in the scenery. The train trip up was very nice, when it wasnt delayed but customs going into canada are crazy now. Here are my pics, enjoy.

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