Monday, October 5, 2009

Tour Guide


So my mom came to visit me in Columbus and I was the offical tour guide. I took her to many neat places. We went to the Columbus Museum of Art to see a really neat Chihuly exhibit with lots of striking blown glass pieces in unusual shapes, the coolest one looked like an underwater sea scene made out of entirely of blown glass. We also went to my favorite restaurant in Columbus Der Dutchman for some delicious home cookin' Amish food. We went to see a really neat show with ten different artists from Tennessee called Ten for Tenn. Yesterday we went to see a natural cave in sandstone at Hocking Hills in southern Ohio which was really just amazing and absolutely beautiful. It was really rural and very charming despite the name and we had a really nice afternoon.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I would like to take the time here to talk about my time in Columbus. It is really an eye-opener to live in Ohio and the mid-west. One thing I noticed was that it is a very spiritual place here, there are a few places that I have felt like that in the world those being Edinburgh in Scotland, a place in NW Australia and here. There are many different beliefs here and it seems many people from different lands come here for gatherings, ceremonies etc. I don't want to talk too much about religious beliefs here but I watched an interesting movie called
Whaledreamers today and I really like some of the songs in it. Here is one.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello Fall

Well fortunately the last few days of summer are still here if we look hard enough but fall is definitely in the air. Anyway I wanted to capture some of Ohio's foilage and parks. I live in Clintonville in Columbus, OH next to Whetstone park which is a really amazing park and there is a great bike trail near the river right next to it. So yesterday I went to the park and snapped some pics and then had a really amazing yoga workout. I am finally able to do some of those crazy yoga poses that they have in the books and I laughed while I was doing them because I never thought I could but here I was bending in every which way. It was awesome. Anyway check out some pics from my outing yesterday.

Monday, September 21, 2009

East Coast Hijinks

So at the end of last month I went on a trip to see family and friends in Boston-CT-NYC and what an eventful week it was! In Boston Dan and I met up with tons of old friends and went out to dinner with them and hung out with my sister. We ate at a really yummy burger joint called Boston Burger Company yummy! We went out to a really cool club too call the Goodlife in downtown Boston. I also did some shopping around Davis Square in Sommerville where my sister lives which is a really neat area full of cool shops. Next I went to Connecticut to visit my dad, mom and my cute cat Kaya who is in the pictures here. I went on an awesome motorcycle ride, relaxed in my mom's jacuzzi, went kayaking with my dad and went hunting for garnets at a local quarry in Roxbury . Also had amazing home cooked meals the entire time I was there thanks to my dad's girlfriend Viv! Next up I went to NYC to visit a good friend of mine from college and had some drinks at a rooftop bar, the finest in all NYC at the classic Peninsula Hotel . Then we went to Chelsea and hit up some bars, restaurants and played pool with a fun guy from germany. Then back to Ohio. What an awesome trip!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ohio State Fair!

What good would flowers be if you couldn't eat them? They would just sit there looking all pretty and then you would try to bite one and yuck! Its much better this way I think.
Sooooeyyyy! Squeal! Some real down home country pig racing wouldn't be any fun unless you gambled on it!
This cow and man are made entirely of butter. Hmmm...where's the bread rolls when you need them?
People in the midwest love large things-whether if be giant crazy bird statues or freeways your guess as to why is as good as mine.

The saying is true-you never know what your missing until its gone. In larger things and small this is very true- soo glad to have internet again! Yay I will be able to waste more time again! Anyway this summer has been fun, too fun for me but also challenging. I'd rather think about the fun though and share some of my fun memories of the Ohio State Fair, which is one of the largest in the country and very charming and if you ask, i'll let you know which pig won the pig races!

Back online

Hey All
Im back online-after taking a break, moving, and whatever else has happened in the last year! I am now living in Columbus, Ohio which is the perfect pace between the fast east coast and relaxed west coast. Im living in a lovely house with the cutest garden and birds, bees galore. I will post pictures of this soon. I have decided to just be myself for a while and post about what I feel like fashion, life randomness --spontaneity is the spice of life and right now, although we may not realize it, may fear it but uncertainty and spontaneity are needed more now than ever. So go live life and open your eyes, feel the moment- you never know whats around the next corner!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zebras and Birds!
Etsy Finch Tote $22.00
Etsy Finch Necklace $34.00
For an early Christmas present I was presented by Dan with two lovely zebra finches! They have the most delightful chirps an are much better to wake up by than an alarm clock. Sebastian and Lucy are very welcome members to our family. It is quite fun to watch them and they provide very ambient background music. They are easy to take care of too. In ode to our new finches I have found some delightful objects on Etsy . Welcome Lucy and Sebastian!

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