Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Have I been up to?

Hmm I have been up to lots of things. Spooky things, sweet things and well all sorts of random things. For Halloween I dressed up as Uncle Sam seeing as how my name is Sam anyway. For work I just dressed up in my hat, bowtie and beard but at a Halloween party with Dan I work handcuffs and had a toy gun. The party was so cute with spooky cobwebs, lots of great food- mini hotdogs, some kind of cheese with pomegrante on it and veggie platter. MMM i ate so much and we watched some scary movie and told ghost stories. Then on Halloween night Dan and I went to Frighttown in Portland were they had 3 haunted houses to go into. They were pretty scary, the creepiest though was a big fat hairy guy with a crazy claw. Oh I also made some really cute cupcakes for Dan's YMCA kids. I went and read to them and played 4 square which is a really awesome game I never played before or didnt remember I had. Check out my cupcakes!

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