Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ohio State Fair!

What good would flowers be if you couldn't eat them? They would just sit there looking all pretty and then you would try to bite one and yuck! Its much better this way I think.
Sooooeyyyy! Squeal! Some real down home country pig racing wouldn't be any fun unless you gambled on it!
This cow and man are made entirely of butter. Hmmm...where's the bread rolls when you need them?
People in the midwest love large things-whether if be giant crazy bird statues or freeways your guess as to why is as good as mine.

The saying is true-you never know what your missing until its gone. In larger things and small this is very true- soo glad to have internet again! Yay I will be able to waste more time again! Anyway this summer has been fun, too fun for me but also challenging. I'd rather think about the fun though and share some of my fun memories of the Ohio State Fair, which is one of the largest in the country and very charming and if you ask, i'll let you know which pig won the pig races!

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roxy B said...

those cupcakes are awesome!