Monday, September 21, 2009

East Coast Hijinks

So at the end of last month I went on a trip to see family and friends in Boston-CT-NYC and what an eventful week it was! In Boston Dan and I met up with tons of old friends and went out to dinner with them and hung out with my sister. We ate at a really yummy burger joint called Boston Burger Company yummy! We went out to a really cool club too call the Goodlife in downtown Boston. I also did some shopping around Davis Square in Sommerville where my sister lives which is a really neat area full of cool shops. Next I went to Connecticut to visit my dad, mom and my cute cat Kaya who is in the pictures here. I went on an awesome motorcycle ride, relaxed in my mom's jacuzzi, went kayaking with my dad and went hunting for garnets at a local quarry in Roxbury . Also had amazing home cooked meals the entire time I was there thanks to my dad's girlfriend Viv! Next up I went to NYC to visit a good friend of mine from college and had some drinks at a rooftop bar, the finest in all NYC at the classic Peninsula Hotel . Then we went to Chelsea and hit up some bars, restaurants and played pool with a fun guy from germany. Then back to Ohio. What an awesome trip!

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